Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Unexpected Friend

Our snow is almost melted, but the weather remains cold. Despite the cold, Faye decided to take a walk today. She came across a tiny bird, shivering in the snow.
She knelt and carefully picked up the tiny creature.
The little bird was so cold, it did not even respond when Faye sat with it trying to warm it up.
She hoped the tiny creature was not ill, and decided to take her new little friend to our resident healer.

Master Elrond looked the little bird over and declared it was simply weak from cold and hunger and not ill. He advised Faye how to take care of her tiny new friend.
After carefully feeding the tiny creature and warming it by the academy fire, Faye found her new little friend willing to curl up in a corner with her and read a book. Since this is Faye's favorite activity, she was happy to have someone to keep her company.
I don't think our new little friend will be leaving us anytime soon!
Hitty Rowan