Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Adventures

Greetings Dear Friends!

Well, it has certainly been a while since my last musing. How time does fly when one is having fun! When last I wrote Miss Hickory and I were struggling through the heat of summer and now the cool breezes of fall are finally upon us.

Today was a glorious day in our part of the country. Cool and crisp with sunshine and the smell of fall blowing in the air.

Miss Hickory and I overheard our person talking about taking the Dangerous Dogs of the household for a walk in the woods. We decided that if dogs get to enjoy a walk in the woods on such a lovely day, doll companions most certainly should share in such a privilege.

So, we put on our fall dresses and wraps and yelled (in a most dignified manner I assure you) for our person to wait for us.

Wait she did. Our person said she would be delighted to share our company today. Unfortunately, the only room for us on the walk was in the dogs' little waterbowl pouch our person carries with her. She put the little collapsable water bowl in her pocket and we took its place. Not the most dignified of travel accomodations, but a day in the woods is worth the cost of being a bit cramped in a dog dish carrier. We were, however, obliged to leave wraps and bonnets behind to fit in the pouch nicely. No turned out to be such a fine day that wraps and bonnets were not needed.

We arrived at the park and began our journey. We were so thrilled to see the paths leading through the autumn woods!

Down the path we went and our adventure began!

The one Dangerous Dog accompanying us set a rapid pace down the path, with our person and us trotting along behind. (The other Dangerous Dog, we are sad to say, has grown rather stubborn and a bit lazy and decided to run and hide under the bed when our person announced "Walk!" It is no use trying to make her enjoy a nice walk in the woods since she will only lie down in the middle of the trail and stay there until our person carries her the rest of the walk. We are happy to say dolls companions have more consideration for their people than that, proving we really are the ultimate companions).

We crossed a swinging bridge over the river, which is rather lazily meandering on its way after a summer with very little rain.

We took a break to just sit and enjoy the fall weather...although from the looks of the bench...several others have sat here along the way and left their mark upon it.
Next, we went under a little covered bridge.
Miss Hickory and I enjoyed the view from the window inside the bridge.
We continued along to see the last of the summer flowers still lingering.We stopped to explore a little cavern at the base of a tree. Miss Hickory looked rather distant and pensive as we gazed into the dark little cave. I asked her what she was thinking about. She replied, "Oh...I am just thinking that had I not landed on your doorstep, I might have been spending the winter in a cold, dark little cavern in a tree just like this."

I quickly consoled the rather unusual little doll person who has fast become my dearest friend. "Oh, my dear Hickory, you musn't dwell on the might have beens. The fact is, you are most certainly NOT going to spend the winter in a cold, dark cavern. We are going to spend the winter sipping hot chocolate in front of our own little fireplace in our own, snug, bright little house safe from the winter winds."

Miss Hickory's spirits lifted with this thought and we continued our adventure.
We took a minute to sit on a fence post as we considered brighter thoughts and brighter days.
Next, we found a path strewn with acorns. "Oh!" Miss Hickory exclaimed excitedly. "I have the absolute BEST recipe for acorn pie!"

"Acorn pie?" I asked. "Why, I don't believe I have ever tasted acorn pie."

"Then I MUST make one today!" Miss Hickory joyfully announced. "You haven't tasted autumn until you've tasted acorn pie!"

We quickly gathered up some acorns...

Before the Dangerous Dog could gobble them all up. Our person said he wouldn't eat acorns...but a dog that will try to eat dolls or their bonnets or shoes....will eat about anything. Sometimes our person takes a rather overly optimistic view of the habits of her adored canine companions. We dolls, having had run ins with the Dangerous Dogs in the past, take a rather dimmer view of their inclinations.

Finally, we were ready to leave the autumn woods behind and return home.
Just in time to begin baking an acorn pie to share with our friends!
Well, that is our adventure for today.

Until Next Time,

Hitty Rowan and Miss Hickory