Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fall Updates and Re-Connecting

Greetings Dear Friends!

Well, there have been more changes since I last wrote. Our person actually convinced Miss Hickory and I to move into a larger house. Ms. Merriweather's old house was standing rather forlorn and empty, and our person kept remarking what a pity it was that such a fine house stood empty. She moved our furniture into it for a few minutes so we could just consider what it would be like. I must say, as we looked about, the bigger kitchen and more space was quite appealing. So, in we moved.

And, our pokeberry shawls are finished...just in time for cold weather. Our person even made me a new fall hat. She plans to make one for Miss Hickory too.
Why, with a dear friend, a fine house, and pretty clothes...what doll had more reason to be content than me? In many ways I was content, but lately I found myself a bit restless. I used to be my person's constant companion. I would stowaway in her purse every day and sleep by her bedside at night. On occasion Miss Hickory and I accompany my person to fun things, but Miss Hickory loves the comforts of home rather than the trials of constant travel and we now spend most of our time in our lovely home.

The last few days, however, I found myself watching out the window (with unfortunate companionship) as my person left for work, errands...all the places I used to go with her.
My restlessness grow worse. I wandered out into the cool fall days feeling increasingly out of sorts. I wondered if I might be a bit under the weather. ..perhaps that was my trouble.

I went to talk to Ms. Merriweather to see if she knew of any doll illnesses that might be in the air.
Some of Ms. Merriweather's students had indeed been afflicted with the Fall Fever so she suggested I visit our dear healer, Master Elrond.

Master Elrond offered me some tea as I described my symptoms to him. He smiled gently and reassured me that I did not have Fall Fever. He suggested I go visit my sister Mehitabel and discuss my concerns with her.Unsure of the rather unexpected advice, I went to visit Mehitabel.
We had a lovely chat, and my older sister listened carefully as I described my melancholy. She smiled and said, "Oh, my dear Rowan. I know exactly what is wrong with you, and the cure is not as difficult as you think."

"You, my dear, were born to travel...to be the companion of our person. You miss the thrill of travel and being out and about...and you miss our person. For most of us, it is rather uncomfortable being in a purse or pocket all day. But not for you...your spirit of adventure is too great to be confined at home all the time and your devotion to our person too deep to be parted from her so often. And you and Miss Hickory are dear friends...why have you not discussed your concerns with her?"

I explained that I did not want to hurt Miss Hickory's feelings, or for her to be alone all day in our large house.

"My dear Rowan, you two are friends. Miss Hickory will understand...it saddens her to see you so restless. You can still spend time with your friends AND travel with our person. You do not have to choose only one. And, I think I can help with the problem of the empty house. My house is becoming a bit crowded...and I believe that some of our doll friends would love to move to your house and keep Miss Hickory company. But first, you need to talk to Miss Hickory."

So, off I went to talk to my friend. I was a bit nervous, but Miss Hickory was delighted I confided in her. She urged me to travel as I wanted, and welcomed the idea of new companions in our home...as long as she kept my friendship and I visited often. I promised her I would.
Then I spoke with the very first companion I met when I arrived here at my home...my dear person. She too had missed my company terribly, but did not wish to take me from my friend and cozy home out into the rather uncomfortable world of work each day. I assured her that I would love nothing better to travel with her. We planned that each evening, as our person goes about household chores, I will spend time in my home with my friend.

Miss Hickory and I have been joined by several new housemates, so she will not be lonely.
Each night, I will again sleep in my little cradle by my person's bedside. And each day, I will accompany her out into the world as her faithful doll companion. What doll has better cause to be content than I?