Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Today I don't have much to report. All is well at the academy. Our person made a New Year's resolution concerning us companions....she has resolved to make 100 items for us this year. We companions cannot thank the person who gave our person this idea enough. However, we shall see if the resolution holds, or goes the way of most other New Year's resolutions our person makes (that would be...not far). However, I helped her look through our yarn stash and she managed so far to make an outfit for Lucy. She is also making a new sweater for Claire, a "Marley" who lives here, but that is not finished yet. Our weather is supposed to turn very cold this week.
When I looked for my winter dresses, I learned most of them had been "lent out" to my relatives and friends. I don't mind, but it may get cold travelling with my person. Seeing the dilemma, my person also made me a nice, warm flannel dress. Here are the two finished projects so far...or three, if we allow our person to count Lucy's sweater and skirt as two items...or four if you count my dress and new flannel pantaloons. Since we companions are noted for generosity, perhaps we shall allow our person to count 4 projects completed. I shall keep you posted on our person's progress....
Hitty Rowan