Monday, September 7, 2009

A September Update

Well, time for another update. Our magic door brought an unexpected resident to our humble home....a certain Lady Ginerva Gwendolyn La'Belle. It is really not supposed to go around picking up strangers and depositing them on our doorstep, but that door really does have a mind of its own sometimes. In this case, a good mind. Lady Ginerva was living with her little Mistress in France at the time of the revolution. Her family, including her little Mistress, were forced to flee their home from an angry mob one night. In the frenzy to escape, Lady Ginerva slipped from her little Mistress' hand. The angry mob burned the house and Lady Ginerva thought her end had come. As she lay there sobbing and calling hopelessly for help, our magic door must have somehow thought she was calilng it and popped in just in time to rescue her.
The poor dear was quite distraught, with losing her Mistress, her home, and even her own century. She has since taken over the upstairs room of the house, however.

She is slowly adjusting to our way of life and has taken to journaling all her adventures.

Speaking of adventures, our Mistress asked for volunteers to go on a mountain hike with her this weekend. I volunteered, along with tiny Hitty Penny.
I ended up being toted along in a little bag tied to my person's wrist (you can see my little bag in the picture). As we ascended up the mountain trail and people were few and far between, she tied my little bag to her walking stick and I could stick my head out and see the scenery. Too bad I don't have a picture of that...but my person's husband was laughing too hard to take one. I don't see dolls have to adjust to all sorts of situations and I thought it was quite a GOOD idea. Anyway, along the way, I looked for toadstools to sit on, as I have heard one can make a wish when sitting on a toadstool and it will come true. I decided it was worth a try. Many were too small for me to sit on.....

But I at last found one ample enough to accomodate me with no harm to myself or it.
I had quite a nice view of the mountain stream from this bridge...the ledge was quite large and safe enough to sit on.
We got closer to the water and my person's husband suggested a picture of me on a rock quite close to the river. Given the swift moving nature of the water, my person thankfully declined.

Along the way, we visited more lakes that were of a calmer nature.

As always, however, I was glad to return to my own little home at the end of the day.

Hitty Rowan