Friday, May 22, 2009

New Arrivals, New Hair, and New Dresses

Greetings Dear Readers. I am afraid I have no exciting adventures to report. However, I do have little things that are rather notable in the life of a doll to share.

We have (another) new arrival. This is Dolly. Unlike most of the companions here, Dolly came to us the conventional way...through the mail. Although her arrival was not particularly adventurous, she is a dear, sweet little thing and we are quite fond of her already. Dolly is a real...uhh....doll!

Ellswyth finally received a new dress and a new hair style...and color. We think it suits her quite well!

Sarah also received a new, very fancy dress for the most formal of occasions. At the moment, I can't think of any such occasions happening here, but for a young Victorian lady it doesn't hurt to be prepared for any circumstance. At least, that is what Miss Merriweather tells us. One never knows I suppose, although our person is busy making Sarah some play dresses, more likely to suit the happenings around here. But, we did think she looked positively lovely in her dress and our person rather likes to play "dress up" with us at times so Sarah will at least get to wear the dress some. Unlike some of our ones here, Sarah does not mind playing dress up and tea parties. Miss Merriweather could not be more pleased!
Well, next week we really shall set out on an adventure and I will have more to write. But still, the little stuff of life is worth sharing sometimes too.

Hitty Rowan