Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Bicycle Trip

Finally it is Saturday! It has been another very busy week for my person and I was glad to reach the end of the week so she could spend some time with the doll family.

This week did have its excitement, despite the busy pace. Miss Hickory and I received our very own "Hitty" travel companion! She is a tiny, tiny little doll and we have to be very careful of her or she could easily be lost. Her tiny arms and legs really move and she has the littlest face I have ever seen. She needs a dress, but making her one might be a challenge. So, for now she must be content to remain in her natural state...fortunately it is summer and certainly warm enough for that. In fact, the heat has been terrible, but this morning brought a bit of relief with a cool breeze.

With the break in the heatwave, my person took an early morning bicycle ride. Miss Hickory and I tagged along. We left our tiny little friend behind for her own safety. It was a wise decision. My person put Miss Hickory and I in a pouch, which she tied inside her bicycle basket. It is rather rough riding even fastened in...rather like being on a stagecoach I certainly feels every bump along the road.

But, bumps or not, it was a lovely morning for a ride. We set off down the path at a leisurely pace.We passed through wooded areas and past farmland.

Occasionally, we took time to stop and smell the flowers.

A good start to a new day for Miss Hickory and I!
Hitty Rowan