Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Month to Go

Greetings Dear Friends!

Well, it has been a bit since I last wrote. During that time, our household has been quite consumed with wedding planning. With only a month to go, we are trying to help our person make sure all is in order before the "Big Day." This morning, we companions helped our person "take inventory." We actually look to be in good shape. Our hope is to do all that can be done in advance of the wedding week so that our person can enjoy visiting with family as they arrive that week. We hope to host an ongoing "open house" for whoever might want to drop by the last two days before the wedding (all hands will be needed for cooking pies, cheeseballs, and such that week). The girls are quite excited about all the pending festivities. I plan to take up my survellience post in the living room to observe and report on all activities the "big" week.

The next two weeks or so will be hectic in trying to pull last minute details together, but I think we are almost ready. I recruited the little girls of the household, and Rosina Fayette, to take inventory this morning.
I went with my person and Fiance's sister (secretly of course) to the fabric shop yesterday. We selected fabrics for table toppers, pew bows, and tulle bows for the reception. We will be quite busy bow making and sewing the next two weeks. Fortunately, Fiance's sisters and mother all sew and "bow make" and have offered their assistance, so we won't lack for help.
Rosina Fayette was particularly attracted to the wedding set with the feather pen in it. She would now like a fancy feather pen of her own. Perhaps later we can find an appropriate feather for her to make a quill of her own. Lily loved the idea of the "Unity Candle." Our person's mother and Fiance's mother will light the small candles right before the wedding ceremonies begin. Later, Fiance and our person will light the big candle together to symbolize their new unity along with the unity with their families. Being a bridesmaid myself, I helped our person shop for gifts for the other bridesmaids. We found lovely silver jewelry boxes embossed with silver roses and engraved with the bridesmaid's name for each person. I do hope they like them! Unfortunately, they did not come in my size. We found hankerchief's for each mother involved in the wedding.
I double checked my own wedding day trousseau to make sure all was in order.

Lottie loved the little silver ring decorations that will be scattered on the reception tables. There are even enough packages for her to have a few to keep and play with.

We found rose petals to scatter on the tables along with the silver rings.

Ms. Merriweather convinced our person to wear proper gloves, since it is a rather Victorian wedding.

We even have the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue arranged.

My person will carry a new Bible, wrapped in a ribbon of pink and white silk flowers for the something "new." For the something "old," she will carry a "grandmother" hankerchief she gave to her grandmother years ago and a much older little prayer book her grandmother gave her before passing away tucked into the Bible. Her grandmother was given the prayer book in 1936, so it is quite old! I believe that although our person's grandmother cannot be there in person, she will certainly be there in spirit!

Our person borrowed a small card from Fiance to carry as well. As for the something blue, there is a small blue rose on our person's garter (although Ms. Merriweather is rather scandalized about me mentioning that). Now, after a bit of sewing, I think we will be ready for the "Big Day" only a month away!

Hopefully, I will get a chance to update you before then.

Your Friend,

Hitty Rowan