Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unexpected Surprises

We received a very kind and unexpected surprise this week from a fellow friend of companions! For the academy older girls, there was a new cauldron with a stand, potion bottles, and best of all...a cat sleeping in a box!
The younger girls enjoyed a treat of "Bott's Many Flavored" jelly beans....
and some delicious hamburgers and french fries (which is a real treat since those items are not included on the Elvish academy menu!)
For Bitty Hitty, there was a new bathing suit! She couldn't wait to try to get a sun tan...she decided to pretend she was a flower fairy and lay down in a bed of roses. Unfortunately, the rain (a common occurance lately) started up again and that was the end of sun tanning. Perhaps later she can play in some puddles since she is appropriately dressed for it.
We send many heartfelt thanks to our companion friend!
Hitty Rowan