Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer musings

Greetings Dear Readers!

Goodness...I can scarcely believe how negligant I have been in my journaling lately! Summer is upon us and I have not written since spring! Well....I will have to remedy that. Our person helped us do some "summer cleaning" yesterday (rather than spring cleaning...our person is behind on things too).

After all the hard work, I decided to take a break and write in my journal today. I must say, I could likely do a better job keeping up with my journaling if I had a computer of my very own...and my own size. While I am partial to feather quills and parchment generally, a computer does have its advantages. I will have to put in a request for modern technology to our person.
The duchess has also been meaning to work on her memoirs. However, during the hot summer weather, she generally simply dozes off in her chair.
Bitty Hitty Penny has her own way of coping with the hot weather....
She works up quite an appetite swimming in the pond.
Poor Ms. Hickory can barely keep up with the demands for summer treats! However, her kitchen has been rearranged and expanded and she is "as happy as a hen in her house" she puts it.

Hitty Prudence is taking advantage of the time off from school to practice her piano. She is one of the only young Hitties doing something productive over her summer break I am sorry to say....

The academy girls continue classes during the summer, although fewer classes than in the typical school year. I think that is a wonderful idea...although I am sure the academy girls disagree. Sometimes we send the Bitty Hittys to visit...and hopefully get a bit of summer learning in before Hitty Penny heads for the swimming pool.

Well, that is all for, off to e-bay I go to see about that Hitty sized computer....
Hitty Rowan