Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Eve Surprise

My, My, time does fly! Here it is Christmas Eve and it seems like forever since I wrote to my friends! Christmas Eve it is indeed...a soggy, wet Christmas Eve. Rather dreary really. As I sat staring out the window, I thought I heard a gruff voice calling, "Hello? Hello? Is anyone home?" It seemed to be coming from the dolly door.
I went to investigate and to my surprise, I found a little bear....well, half of a bear....hanging out the door.
"Hello there! My name is Pooh. I seem to have lost my way. I saw your cozy little house and just wondered if you might happen to have a jar of honey about? And, if you did have a jar of honey about, I was wondering if you might be about to have some honey and tea? And if you were having honey and tea, I was wondering if you might be thinking it would be nice to share it with unexpected company?"
I was rather startled by this little bear and all his questions.
"Well, yes, we do have honey. And, we could have tea and some crumpets and honey. And, we never mind sharing. Do come in out of the rain!"

Pooh seemed to think a minute. "Well you see, that is the problem. I seem to be stuck in your doorway."
"Oh dear! We've never had anyone stuck in the door! Well, let me see if I can pull you out!"
It turned out, I couldn't. Poor Pooh was quite stuck. I told him to wait just one minute while I called for help.
Help arrived and together we all tried to pull Pooh from the door.....

And we all ended up in a heap on the floor....

I decided to call for even more help in the form of our resident Elven wizard. I went to fetch Master Allanon and explained the situation to him. For some odd reason, I had the distinct impression he was smothering a smile at our predicament, but surely our Elven wizard was above such frivolity.
It took Master Allanon no time at all to dislodge Pooh from our doorway.
We all gathered round to greet our Christmas Eve guest properly....and invited him home for tea and honey.
Our house has moved since I last wrote...into the living room during the "Great Re-arrangement" that recently happened in our person's home. The Christmas tree took up residence right beside the house. It is crowded, but rather nice to look out your door and admire the Christmas tree.
Master Allanon kindly gave us all a boost up so we could climb back to our home with our new resident.

Up we went....

All in a line for our Christmas tea....

And we wish you and your household a Merry Christmas as well!
Hitty Rowan