Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Snowfall

Greetings Dear Friends. Primrose got her wish and we had the first snowfall of the year. She went outside to look around at the snow. She noticed a poor rose bush and wondered if it might flower again in the spring.

Our person's little dog wondered what Primrose was up to....

Primrose tried to make a snow angel, but the dog again interfered by trying to lick her face. She wanted to sit on the garden bench, but it was too covered in snow.
Primrose decided that although snow is nice it is very cold, nothing is in bloom, and she rather looks forward to the life and warmth of spring.
She came in the house for some nice hot chocolate and decided to venture out again after the snow has melted.
Hitty Rowan

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rain and Snow

Greetings Dear Friends! I just wished to make a brief update of our household activities.

This past weekend, Penny and I traveled to East Tennessee. It was a rainy day for the drive and we came well prepared.

We also have a new member of our companion household. This is Primrose, our new little hobbit girl. We are hoping to dress her in proper hobbit fashion soon. We are expecting our first snowfall of the year and Primrose could not stop thinking about it this evening. But then, she is a solemn, rather thoughtful sort. She has been hoping for snowmen and hot chocolate.
She is rather worried the snow might miss our location....
and has pensively kept a watch out the window.
However, since the snow is not expected to fall until after midnight, I am afraid for now she will simply have to have dreams of snow until morning.

We will hope tomorrow brings a nice snow to play in, although it is very cold outside so we will likely not play long!
Hitty Rowan