Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Greetings

Greetings Dear Readers!

Well, the girls kept tabs on Santa's location throughout the day and into the night. In the meanwhile, Faye and Mehitabel and I completed our Nativity scene on Christmas Eve.

We arranged the Nativity quite nicely, even if we didn't have straw to put in it this year (our person borrowed all of it for a project, but we managed nicely without it).

Mehitabel and I wrapped up warmly to accompany our person to the Christmas Eve service...we were expecting snow and were quite excited! It has been several years since we actually had a white Christmas!

When we returned, Eira was anxious to set out cookies for Santa. She sat up far into the night to try to catch St. Nicholas, but fell asleep before he came.
Early the next morning, we woke to find lovely things under our tree!
There were cards from St. Nicholas with blessings and special messages for each companion, candy, and lots of treats! There were special gifts for our new companions to help them feel welcome.

For Eira, there was a doll of her own. Being an orphan, she had never had a doll of her very own and she was thrilled with her gift.
Faye found a different type of companion waiting by the tree....
She couldn't be happier with her new friend!
And, the promised snow came just in time for a White Christmas!
What a Merry Christmas we are having and we Wish You a Merry Christmas too!
Hitty Rowan