Monday, December 13, 2010

A Snow Day

My, my...could it really have been in the midst of summer when last I wrote? How time does fly! It is certainly not summer now! We have had our first snow, and today was a Snow Day! No school!
While some of us ventured out a bit, others, like myself and my sister, stayed inside where it is warm.
Bitty Hitty went to check on her pond, where she had spent many a lazy day drifiting on lily pads in the summer. Now, she must pursue other activities such as ice skating...
At least the fish were removed to a bowl indoors before the first frost!
We are expecting some new arrivals for Christmas! Two...and a companions to be precise. One companion, Eira, arrived Friday just as the snow started. The...errrr....half companion arrived today. Her name is Blondinette. She is not so pleased at the moment...for one thing, her body is lagging behind the rest of her. For the other thing, she came from the warmth of South America and is not pleased with the change in environment. Perhaps she will feel a bit better about her situation when the rest of her arrives. It is difficult to have only one's head about one and little else.
At least Eira arrived all at the same time. She is a delightful girl! Helpful and sweet...we adore her already.
We decided to help our person decorate for Christmas today. Eira began helping the Christmas dolls out of their box....
She was soon joined by several more volunteers!
Mirabella, Tirion, and Winifred lent a hand to the Christmas dolls still remaining in the box.
Mirabella told Eira all about her own arrival story...on the eve of the historic Ice Storm two years ago. She arrived 5 minutes before the power went out for two weeks! Our person opened her box by candlelight and spent hours knitting warm clothes for Mirabella by the gas fire and candlelight at relatives' homes. Mirabella spent two weeks bundled up with the other companions under blankets in the cold, dark home since they could not be taken along to the crowded relatives' home. I think of all of us, Mirabella has the most memorable arrival story! Eira was glad she only came with a bit of snow instead of inches of snow and ice!
Poppy and the Troll family helped unpack ornaments for Eira to hang on the tree. The trolls recalled their home in a shop in Florida before they were adopted into our family just two months ago. This is the first time they have ever seen snow and they are quite enchanted with it!

Tirion and Winifred recalled snow days in their home country of England. While they miss their home sometimes, they are very glad to be a part of our family, especially at Christmas.
Primrose said little. It is her way to be happy and quiet. She hummed a little song as she hung ornaments on the higher branches of the tree.
And last but not least, Hollyhock tried to hide with her shiny ornament....somehow I doubt it will end up on the tree!
Now, I will try to update my friends more over Christmas...I do not want it to be summer again before my next update!
Hitty Rowan