Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Tracking

Today is Christmas Eve! We are expecting snow tonight for a White Christmas! We Hitties were busily tracking the snow when some of the girls asked to borrow the computer. It seems they had other tracking ideas.
The girls were anxious to track St. Nicholas as he makes his journey of love and goodwill across the earth.
Eira and Faye wondered, "Do you think he will come with a blessing and greeting for our house tonight?"

Emilee Anne replied, "I don't see why not, we have all tried so hard to be good! Surely he will visit our house."
Winifred and Tirion said they were always visited in England and thought surely St. Nicholas could find them here as well.
We Hitties assured the girls that as good as they have been, St. Nicholas is sure to visit. And fortunately we have plenty of Gingerbread cookies to leave out for him to have a midnight snack (of course, we will NOT be serving St. Nicholas some of the more....creative....troll made cookies).
We can't wait for evening to set out our cookies and tea for St. Nicholas!

Hitty Rowan