Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rivendell Academy Becomes More Complete

Greetings Friends! It has been a busy couple of days! We finally found suitable wallpaper for Rivendell Academy and set to work putting it up. There is still work to be done, but I must say, we were all pleased with the results so far! Master Elrond's office is at long last becoming fit for an Elven Lord!

Ms. Merriweather finally has the "proper schoolroom" she has longed for quite awhile!

There is a corkboard to showcase, as Ms. Merriweather puts it, "Exemplary Student Achievements".....the students are working hard right now to be the first to have their work displayed.

Professor Arthur the Bear is in charge of the younger students, including his neice Miffy and his nephew Paddington. He tries hard to keep Nissa and Nim "in-line" as Ms. Merriweather would say, but it is rather hard making a fairy and a pixie sit still for lessons all day.

Mrs. Merriweather is in charge of the older student and keeps a sharp eye on them to make sure their is no "window gazing." It is rather tempting to peek out at the happenings in the valley outside!

After their lessons, the girls can retire to their new dormitory...I think it is quite a pleasant place for the girls to play or rest after a hard day's work.

Elrond and Celebrian have been busy preparing a room for the impending arrival of their grandaughter. Ms. Merriweather thinks the room is "a bit much" for a student's dormitory.
I don't know what could have possibly given her that idea...what, with chocolates, a velvet dress, and perfume awaiting....a "magic" phone to call home (the elves don't really use phones like we mortals do, but Celebrian and Elrond read that human teenagers are quite fond of the phone, so they decided their grandaughter should have something similiar)...
A lapdog.....
A doll companion with a dresser full of clothes....hmmmm....Ms. Merriweather might be is not your typical student dormitory! Master Elrond and Lady Celebrian might have gotten just a bit carried away. But, I think it is a room our soon to arrive Elven teenager will indeed enjoy.
Hopefully, she won't enjoy it so much it interferes with her studies!
Well, I will keep you updated on all the happenings of our household as they unfold, but that is all for today,
Yours Truly,
Hitty Rowan