Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hitty and Penny

Greetings Again Dear Readers!

I have been most fortunate as far as outings lately! Today I was privileged to accompany my people into the fall forest once again! This time, however, a new friend tagged along. Her name is Penny. Penny is new to our household and this is her first outing ever. Quite exciting!

Penny is one of our furry friends. Unfortunately, Penny was not the only furry creature on the outing. I wouldn't call the other furry creature friendly, however, since she likes to EAT bears and dolls.

Penny and I managed to stay far away from the Dangerous Dog. We climbed a post to have a better view of the pond.

We were hoping for an outing on the lake, but there was not enough time to take the boat out this trip.

But, we still found plenty to do. Searching for the last of the little flowers before the first frost takes them away until spring......

Simply sitting and enjoying the fall day....

And, climbing to new heights before our trip was over!

The best part is, weather permitting, our people plan to bring a tent to camp out overnight here in the forest in two weeks time...and we get to come along for our very first camping trip!

Hitty Rowan