Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back Home at Last

Greetings Dear Friends!

My, my....I feel like it has been forever since I last wrote! I suppose because there have been so many changes since then. So much has happened with the wedding excitement and Fiance (now my person's husband) joining our household! I won't bore you with the details, else I would be up all night telling about it all. Let us just say the wedding was a wonderous day and then we danced the night away!

The next day, we headed to the beach!!! I fear I am not in any pictures. For some reason, my person was quite distracted and didn't pay me much mind during the honeymoon. No matter. At least I got to tag along and quite enjoyed seeing the ocean from my place in my person's beach bag, even if I did not get out much.

The ocean was quite turbulant, due to a passing storm. In fact, my people only got to actually swim in it the first day of our vacation. The beach was closed to swimming the rest of our stay.

My people at least enjoyed wading in the surf, even if they couldn't swim in the ocean. Well, until a jelly fish washed around my person's ankles. Now, I have heard my person let out quite a shriek at the sight of a spider. But, even I must admit I have heard nothing like the terrified shrieking strains of , "JELLYFISH!!! JELLYFISH!!!" as my person made a mad dash out of the water. A bit embarrasing, actually, but I don't suppose I would want to be stung by one either. Although, being made of wood, I suppose it wouldn't affect me much.

The jellyfish were everywhere, even on the sand. So, I likely wouldn't have got many photo opportunities even had my person been so inclined, since after seeing them all over the beach she seldom moved off the beach blanket again.

No matter. We found other things to visiting the nearby Naval museum.

We saw all sorts of interesting things there....

And I even brought back my own plane...Not to mention my own boat along with my own piece of the beach...

And best of all, good memories to share with friends!
Hitty Rowan