Sunday, August 31, 2008

A New

It seems just yesterday my household was helping our Elven neighbors establish their household. Wait a was just yesterday...and our neighbors have already moved their household! The small cabinet was rather cramped for companions the size of our neighbors. They could get by, but it was rather crowded for them, especially with a teenager to arrive soon.

So, I went about scouting out potential spaces with more room for our neighbors. I was extremely lucky to find something available right in my own neighborhood! Our neighbors were in the rather remote wilds of the Dining Room, far removed from other companion households.

Now, they are in the more civilized Bedroom Neighborhood. In fact, we can see them from our house, which is most exciting! Of course, our person had to move some of her things out of the house to accomodate our neighbors, but we all must do what is best for everyone concerned. And, us companions voted this was best. There being only one of our person, and many of us, she unfortunately loses on most issues we vote on.
Besides, her and Husband have the use of the top of the new home, which is enough space for them. Our neighbors are only taking up residence in the basement of the armoire. Our people only used the armoire basement to store items not used much anyway, so they shouldn't really be too inconvenienced.

Now the Elves have three nice size rooms. The fourth potential room is not big enough for the Elves to stand up in, so we allowed our person to store her books in there for now. Although, some of us shorter companions might eventually like to move in that space so we warned our person to perhaps be looking for other spaces for her books.

For now, we simply moved most of the Elves' furniture into what will be Master Elrond's office. We are looking for new furniture for his office on E-bay as we speak. We will soon be putting suitable wallpaper in the office too.

This will be Elrond's grandaughter's room. We will also need to paper and furnish it appropriately. We already found her a desk on e-bay (we companions DO love e-bay). We have our eye on a bed, closet, and new couch.
The last room will be the Hall of Fire. We envision a large fireplace surrounded with chairs and cushions where all us companions in the neighborhood can gather and visit. Of course that will also require new furniture and such. We know our person won't mind accommodating us with more e-bay shopping. After all, everyone in the household must be comfortable.

So, we are indeed busy around here!

Hitty Rowan