Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Trip to Gatlinburg

Greetings Dear Readers! It has again been quite awhile since I wrote. I have been in the mountains of Gatlinburg and back again since my last post.

Myself and some of my dear companion friends accompanied our people to a cozy little cabin far up in the mountains.

We doll companions got a nice comfortable place all our own with a lovely mountain view. Most of us stayed there in our safe little cabin. Of course, as designated Travel Doll, I did not. I rode in a "fanny pack" on my person's side through many adventures. I even went horseback riding through a mountain trail, although I don't have pictures of that since cameras were not allowed.

I was able, however, to document other adventures. Some of which, I would rather have not tagged along for. This was one of them. We rode up the mountain in a little seat swinging high above the ground. I refused to peek out of my pouch for most of this trip.

The view from the top was quite spectacular, but I would have enjoyed it more if not for the worry of the trip down again in the little swinging seat. My person was not much comfort since she spent most of the trip clinging to the little seat herself for dear life with her eyes shut. It was her husband's idea to have this little outing. I was glad he didn't get anymore such ideas the rest of the trip.

We DROVE up into the mountains the next day. A MUCH preferable means of travel. We stopped and waded in a mountain stream.
I enjoyed some rock climbing....
And hanging about the water.
It was quite an adventure, but I was glad to return to our little home afterwards. After all, no matter where one may wander, there is no place like home.
Hitty Rowan