Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Rainy Day

It is another rainy morning here at the academy. And again, some of the academy girls are in the basement. This trip, however was fully authorized and well supervised. The girls are in need of new clothes so they are getting to visit the sewing area in small groups to select fabric. Some of the girls still do not have a doll of their very own either, so our person planned to correct that woeful oversight immediately.
As the girls, under the careful oversight of Miss Merriweather, begin selecting materials,Master Allanon went to inspect the "Haunted House" that caused the girls so much trouble yesterday.
As Master Allanon began his own "ghostbusting" expedition, Claire...and Menolly...selected fabric for a new dress and tried to decide on a color for their dolls' eyes. Menolly was formerly known as "Marley." Unfortunately, there are a quite a few "Marley" dolls around and Menolly wanted to have a name of her very own.
Dolly thought hard about a name for her own...dolly....
Our new resident, Princess...who was supposed to be Princess Arwen but ended up being an unknown princess (it is a long story involving a slight mix up in who actually arrived at the academy) and only goes by the name "Princess" should have been thinking of a proper name for herself, but instead dreamily thought of pretty names and trims for a doll.
The girls were actually happy to be thinking of lovely things like fabrics and dolls instead of scary things like haunted houses and ghosts. In the meanwhile, Master Allanon spoke with one of the residents of the "Haunted House." Although he sensed no ghosts anywhere about the premises, a little squirrel who lived in the house insisted there WERE ghosts in the basement.
She rather fearfully told Master Allanon that yesterday, she and the shy mouse family living in the house heard fearful whisperings and even some gigglings. Then, the doors of the house mysteriously opened. The little residents went into hiding and heard even more whisperings. The little squirrel tried to just peek out from behind a chair to see what was about when suddenly a bright light flashed and then everything went dark!!! With that, the residents fled to the attic and hid there in terror. They only came out when they heard Master Allanon calling to them just now. They were most happy to see the famous Elven Wizard and hoped he could do something about the ghost.
"My dear Ms. Squirrel," Allanon gently replied, "I assure you the 'ghosts' will never trouble you again. In fact, let me introduce you to your 'ghosts'. Oh Claire, Menolly...would you come here for a minute?" Claire and Menolly had no real desire to see the house again so soon, but decided they had best listen to Master Allanon. He magically transported them to the doors of the house.

"Girls, meet your 'ghost', and Ms. Squirrel, meet your 'ghosts'." Allanon said to the confusion of all. After he explained, the girls apologized for frightening the house residents so. Ms. Squirrel was actually quite enchanted with the young girls and told Allanon sometimes the house residents were a bit lonely in the quiet basement. She asked if the academy girls might visit on occasion. Master Allanon agreed they could...with permission and supervision.

So ends our "ghostbusting" caper (for now....who knows when the girls will get such an idea again). But for now, all is well that ends well.
Hitty Rowan