Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Unexpected Arrival

Greetings Dear Readers.

My story today begins with a dark and stormy night. Dark because all electricity had went out around our town and stormy due to a "historic" ice storm. Not all history is good.

Both persons and companions of our household looked outside as the snow and ice built up.

The ice coated trees and sent them crashing to the ground with terrible groans.

Our poor tall, proud holly tree was driven to the ground under the weight of the snow and eventually snapped in two. We were quite fond of the tree and very sad to see what became of it as the storm worsened.

In the midst of all this chaos, I heard a small knock on the door. My goodness, WHO could be out in this bitter cold. I opened the door and in came a shivering......child, although there was something strikingly different about her that made me wonder if she were completely human.

Around here we have fairies, pixies, Elves, humans and all sorts of creatures that make their way to our home so finding a not quite human child at our door was not surprising. What was suprising is that this child was out in the cold with no shoes and dressed in a summer party dress. I quickly drew her inside just as Master Allanon came to the door to see who had entered our home.

He studied her a minute in the candlelight before asking, "Why, what is a hobbit child doing wandering about on a night like this?"

Through her shivering, the poor child stammered out, "Mirabella Brandybuck at your service my Lord and Lady."

"Well, Mirabella Brandybuck, however did you end up at our door? There are no hobbits in this part of the world. However did you get here?" Allanon gently asked.

With that, poor Mirabella began to cry. Between sobs she told us her story. She lived somewhere in a small hobbit shire...she wasn't sure precisely where. Mirabella was an orphan who lived in a great hall (underground as most hobbit homes are) with several families. She said no one paid her much mind generally and she tended to wander about in search of adventure. It was summer festival in her world and everyone was celebrating. Mirabella felt rather left out and wandered off. She wandered further than intended and became lost in the forest. Night fell and she saw a pecular shining light. She approached it and suddenly found herself whisked through a portal...and lost in a snow storm. She saw the candlelights in our windows and our little companion faces peeking out. She thought our cottage looked rather nice and cozy and decided to knock on our door. At the end of her story she began to cry even more.

Our person had been searching for more candles by flashlight in the basement with her husband. She finally emerged and caught sight of the hobbit child. We could tell that she was immediately entranced with the child. Master Allanon explained the situation and said he would try to find out where Mirabella lived, but it could be very difficult since hobbit shires are extremely well hidden and difficult even for him to find. In the meanwhile, he suggested Mirabella stay with us. Our person was delighted, as was Mirabella. She immediately whisked Mirabella away.

Unfortunately, our people had to leave the next morning to seek warmth at relatives' house who had a fireplace. She tucked Mirabella into her bed and we companions kept the child company until our person returned.

With nothing to do but sit by a fire for several days, our person was able to make Mirabella some warmer clothes. Hobbits generally don't wear shoes, although out person has sent away for some to see if she likes them.

So, another new member to our household. Around here you just never know who will show up next.

Hitty Rowan