Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Not So Boring Day

Greeting Dear Readers. Today was a peaceful day. We were recovered from the ice storm and the weather was actually quite nice today. Mirabella was settling into our household very well. Master Allanon was having no luck so far in finding Mirabella's shire, but Mirabella didn't seem unhappy at all about that. Quite the opposite. We think the poor dear was getting more attention here than she did being an orphan in a great hall and was quite enjoying her new home.

Tottie and I were catching up on our travel journal.
Ms. Hickory and Lucy were baking cookies and bread.

Rosina Fayette was entertaining Lottie upstairs. Rosina Fayette enjoyed someone listening to her talk about herself nonstop and Lottie just enjoyed hearing someone talk constantly, no matter what the subject.
In the academy, the younger girls were doing art projects and enjoying a midday snack. All were happy and content.
Well, almost all. The older girls were neither happy nor content. They were.....BORED...the bane of pre-teen and teenage girls everywhere. They were hoping to go outside since the weather was so nice for a game of hopscotch or jumping rope or jacks. However, they were told they could not venture out due to the terrible mud left behind by the melting snow and ice. So, they gathered in Amberle's room to discuss their plight. They decided to send representatives to Miss Merriweather and Master Allanon to gather suggestions for entertainment, then vote on the most popular idea.
Merilwen asked Miss Merriweather for ideas. She didn't think "Do your homework or work on your samplers or read something educational" would be popular suggestions with the other girls. They certainly weren't popular ideas to her.
Amberle fared a little better with Master Allanon. He suggested the girls go visit Mirabella to help her feel more welcome in her new home. Mirabella was sitting in the window seat helping our person sew.
That sounded like a good idea, so off the older girls went, inviting Lily to join them on the way. Our person was doing laundry, not sewing at the moment, so the girls chatted with Mirabella about life in the Shire and about being a Hobbit. Then they discussed the not so exciting day. Mirabella had been hoping to go outside too.
She looked out the window to check the state of the yard for herself, only to report it was indeed very muddy.
The girls heard our person coming upstairs and decided to use the "We're bored, can we help you with anything (fun)?" routine. It worked. How could our person resist all their little smiling, hopeful faces?Our person just happened to have a "fudge kit" on hand and wondered if the girls would like to help make some fudge. That is exactly the kind of activity the girls had in mind.

Amberle opened the box as Marley and Claire read the directions.
Everyone was given a job to do.
Lucy would add the milk after our person cut up some cold butter and put in the bowl.Mirabella would add the chocolate chips.
The older girls would stir.
Merilwen and Betsy would add the walnuts.
And everyone would help eat the finished product!

Lucy went first.

The girls waited a minute while our person microwaved the butter and cream.

Mirabella poured in the chocolate chips.
Marley and Claire took turns stirring.
Amberle ended up adding the vanilla. Merilwen and Betsy poured in the walnuts.
And our person poured the fudge into the box. There would be enough for everyone in the house! The girls were a bit disappointed to find out the fudge had to chill two hours in the refrigerator before it would be ready to eat.
But then, our person reminded them of the most fun part ofmaking fudge....licking the bowl!!!
So, it was a not so boring day for the girls after all!

Hitty Rowan