Sunday, May 25, 2008


Today I had a new adventure with my people (at the moment to be referred to as my person and is getting rather confusing trying to keep up with more than one human companion). We went fishing. I have never even dreamed of fishing at my size. After all, most fish are quite bigger than me and I don't fancy being dragged into the murky depths by a bluegill or catfish or such. However, I was set up with my own fishing rod quite near the bank. I could see minnows right near where I was sitting and tried my best to catch one. Catching a minnow might not seem like a worthy endeavor to you, but at my size, a minnow would be quite a nice catch.

I didn't succeed in catching anything. But, at least I fared better than my person. After a valiant struggle, she managed to wrestle to shore.....a cup filled with mud.
At least Fiance fared better than the both of us.
I know when I am in over my head. Actually, I decided to quit before I was in over my head...literally. I gave up fishing in favor of a nice walk through the woods. There were some lovely flowers in bloom.

And, I met the most delightful toad. You might be surprised that toads can be delightful. But they really are gentle creatures full of tales about the woods they inhabit. I could have listened to my new friend quite a long time, but my people decided to take the canoe out to try to catch fish that way.
I was rather nervous boarding the canoe. It wasn't very sturdy for one thing. It was already manned by a crew of spiders for another thing. Not that I am that frightened of spiders. But, my person is quite terrified of them. I, on the other hand, was terrified she might tip the boat with the fuss she was likely to make if one crawled on her in the middle of the pond. Fiance did his best to clear them out.
And, off we went. I enjoyed sitting on the side of the boat....carefully held in place by my person (and fervently hoping a spider wouldn't choose to hop on her at that moment).
We rowed out to the middle of the pond....

And cast our lines into the hazy water. I decided to keep an eye on my person's fishing line, since she was too busy keeping an eye out for stray spiders.
It really was a lovely day to float through the water. We didn't catch any fish on the lake, but the time was still well spent.
And, after such an adventure, I was more than ready to curl up on my person's quilt for a good night's sleep!

Your Friend,

Hitty Rowan