Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Day at the Races

Greetings Dear Friends.

Yesterday Rosina Fayette and I had quite an adventure. We accompanied our person...well, since fiance came along I suppose we accompanied our a day at the races. Horse races that is. We mounted our trusty steed (in this case Allanon the alpaca, but it is the best we could do) and off to Churchill Downs we went.
Churchill Downs is the site of the Kentucky Derby. We will not get to attend the Derby, but we attended the Kentucky Oaks race. The Kentucky Oaks occurs the afternoon before the Derby. While not the actually Derby, there is still plenty of adventure to be had and plenty of sights (and hats) to see.
Our day started early as we toured the "backtrack" where the horses and their attendants were busy preparing for the day.
Everyone was waking up....
Eating breakfast...
And freshening up for the big day.

The horses were out quite early and on the track to exercise before the races later in the day.

The people were also getting ready for the day....beginning with selecting their uhhmmmmm....obligatory headgear.

At least our people didn't quite go so far in their attempts to be creative with their hats.

It actually ended up raining for much of the races, so we all stayed inside Churchill Downs and watched the races on the big screens there....sipping Mint Juleps and watching the hats pass by.

At last it was time to say farewell to the Twin Spires. We shall never forget our Day at the Races, however!