Thursday, February 14, 2008

Neverland Adoptions

Greeting Dear Friends!

We are now on day 3 of being confined to the house due to an icy snow. It is melting quickly, so perhaps we can be out and about tomorrow. Today is particularly dangerous since the ice is melting off the trees in small shards that are dropping everywhere. I really wouldn't want to be hit on the head by dropping ice spears, so the other companions and I have been busy catching up with online friends. What adventurous households our companion friends live in! It has been quite delightful and intriguing to find out what they are up to.

I decided, after reading about all their adventures, to write in my own journal. I found myself rather at a loss as to what to write. We do have some minor adventures here, but nothing that I would count as truly exciting. Well, on second thought, we do have our moments, but ours is a peaceful, quiet existence for the most part.

I sighed and gave up journal writing for the moment. I wandered downstairs to join Miss Hickory, Mehitabel, Granny Grace and Grandpa Jones.

Mehitabel noticed my rather downcast expression and asked, "What is wrong, sister?"

"Oh," I replied, "Nothing I suppose. We are rather blessed with such a peaceful, quiet home, aren't we?"

"Why yes, we are" Mehitabel and the others agreed.

"Yes....but," I ventured, "Do you ever feel something is missing...that perhaps things could be a bit more...exciting?"

Mehitabel got a rather dreamy look in her eyes before softly replying, "Sometimes."

"I just wish....I wish things were a bit more active." I sighed. I forgot that doll wishes are powerful things...magical almost. We of all creatures must be careful what we wish for.

I fetched Merilwen from Ms. Merriweather's to check the mail with me. We had a most curious envelope waiting for us. It was simply marked, "Neverland."

I read over it on the way back to Ms. Merriweather's. I couldn't believe my eyes. I quickly shared the letter with Ms. Merriweather.
It read: "Have you ever wished for more excitement in your life? Perhaps a more active lifestyle would appeal to you? Then, Neverland Adoptions might be just the thing for you! Feel free to contact us for more information by wishing upon the nearest star!"

"How odd," Mused Ms. Merriweather. "Perhaps you should show this to Master Elrond and Lady Celebrian.

I immediately did just that.

"Oh, yes!" Celebrian exclaimed excitedly when she saw the letter. "I know exactly what Neverland is! Why, it was very close to the Undying Lands of Valinor where I have spent the last several centuries. Neverland is a wonderful land of enchantment, where children never grow up! The problem is, children grow wild in Neverland, much like wild roses or such...they are liable to just spring up anywhere, just like wildflowers do. There isn't enough room for all the children to stay, so some are adopted into loving homes outside Neverland."

"Oh my!" I exclaimed. "Do they grow up outside of Neverland."

"No." Celebrian replied. "Neverland babies and children remain in the wonderment and delight of childhood forever."

"You mean...we might adopt a baby from Neverland?" I asked. "Why, we have never had a baby here...we have had wild pixies, fairies, dragons, Hickory nut companions, and, know, more typical sorts of companions....but never a baby!"

"Oh, babies are delightful!" Celebrian absolutely glowed with excitement.

She looked thoughtfully at Elrond. "Elrond, do you think we might perhaps adopt a Neverland baby into this household?"

"Why yes," Elrond slowly replied. "Yes. I think we should indeed. He began smiling, and the smile widened as he thought more on the idea.

It was hard to find a star in the daytime, but Elrond used his telescope. We wished upon the nearest star, and the next thing we knew, there was a tiny, lovely, lady standing in our living room.

She immediately went to Ms. Merriweather and shook her hand. "Pleased to meet you, my dear. I am Esmerelda Eventide, at your service."

"Well, I'm pleased to meet you too." Ms. Merriweather replied. "Uhmmm...exactly how may we help you?"

"Oh no, my aren't going to be helping me. I intend to help you. You did wish for a Neverland baby, did you not?"

"Yes, we did" Ms. Merriweather affirmed.

"Well, I am a Neverland caseworker. We can't just let anyone adopt a Neverland baby. Only the most loving of homes will do for our children. I am hear to study your home. If you meet our exacting standards, you will be able to adopt a child from Neverland."

"Oh, that WOULD be wonderful!" Ms. Merriweather sighed, wistfully.

"Let's get started, shall we?" Esmerelda replied. "Now, I will need to visit each companion here and speak with them, and we shall go from there."

Esmerelda set to work. She did indeed visit every companion...

When she finished, she returned to Ms. Merriweather.
"Congratulations, my dear!" Your home is most suitable for a Neverland baby! I have just the little girl in mind. She is 2 years old, and will always be 2 years old. She is a perfectly lovely little rose...a bit active, but I'm sure you can handle her! She will be here by Stork Express within the next few weeks, so you best start preparing. Well, best wishes to you, and if you need my services again, just wish upon the nearest star!"
With that, Esmerelda Eventide disappeared in a flash...literally.
We were all so very excited! A 2 year old baby should indeed add some excitement to our lives! Ms. Merriweather begain knitting baby things, as did Celebrian. Unfortunately, at that moment, our person looked in on us.
"Uhmmm...I was just kind of wondering...I thought I might have heard, but I know I am wrong...I thought I might have heard something about a baby arriving by stork? But I know that can't be right because we agreed we were only inviting one more companion home...and she is coming from Narnia in a couple of months through the wardrobe, not by stork...I am mistaken, aren't I?"

And now, the real excitement of the day will begin I suppose...with explanations.
Hitty Rowan