Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Dreary December Day

Well, I must admit to being a bit downcast today. The weather forecast was calling for snow...finally. Miss Hickory and I were so looking forward to wandering outside to greet the first snowfall of the year. This morning we climbed the Christmas tree to see out window. We see nothing but a grey, dreary rain. Our person said that the forecast is now calling for snow tomorrow. Perhaps we will not be dissapointed all weekend after all.
In the meanwhile, our Christmas girl has had a nice bath and her lovely hair washed and brushed. Our person has plenty of supplies for new clothing for her, but unfortunately her time to make the clothes is in short supply. Hopefully next week. Our girl has borrowed a nightgown from Eilonwy. It is a bit big on her, but we think it makes her look rather like a Christmas Angel. She is rather on the quiet side and has not told us her name yet. Perhaps she is waiting until closer to Christmas. Or perhaps she will tell us on the first snowfall of the year. We will simply have to wait and see.