Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Well dear friends, it is Christmas Eve at last. The forecast had called for a white Christmas, but alas, the promised snow will only be rain. No matter though. A little rain cannot dampen the brightness of Christmas.

Things have been quite busy around here! There have been days of Christmas baking. Miss Hickory and I are helping our person ice the last of the cookies, bake an apple pie, and make Christmas candy before we set aside our labors to visit family and friends and gather for Midnight Mass tonight.

Our companion homes are bustling at this time of year. Unfortunately, our person has had to do some re-arranging of the house to make more room in the kitchen and dining room. There was simply no room for my sister Mehitabel's big pink house to stay upstairs. Mehitabel and her household did not wish to move downstairs with the house, since they would be away from our person and all the companion family. The Hitty motto is "The more the merrier", so Mehitabel and her household simply moved in with Miss Hickory and I. It is a merry house indeed, just in time for a Merry Christmas.
Eilonwy and Charity Faith (formerly known as "Christmas Girl") entertained us at the harp. Those two are as lovely as angels so it was quite a fitting setting for them.
Ms. Merriweather's academy is making ready to greet the Christmas morning, as are all other members of our household.

We all wish our friends a Merry Christmas!

Hitty Rowan