Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hitty Rowan, Doll Companion

Welcome, dear friends! I am most delighted you have wandered into my world! Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Hitty Rowan. I am a doll companion to my person. In fact, I spend most of my time hiding out in her purse, sitting at her desk in my little rocking chair, or relaxing in my house by her bedside. Being a constant companion is in the nature of a Hitty, and a task we are well suited for.
What is a "Hitty" you might ask? Well, a Hitty is a very special type of doll companion. A Hitty is a small wooden doll, made in the likeness of our famous ancestor, the very first Hitty. In the picture above and the one below I am standing beside a picture of the first Hitty. Her adventures are truly magnificent and you can read all about them in her memoirs, "Hitty, Her First Hundred Years" by Rachel Field. The first Hitty, after over 100 years of adventure, has now retired to a quiet life in a library where she might be visited by all her friends and fans.
Her legacy, however, of being a special doll companion is continued today by hundreds of her "daughters in spirit." Although the first Hitty is over one hundred years old, I am barely over a year old in human terms. But we Hittys have a special sort of maturity and wisdom regardless of our age.

As for my adventures so far, I arrived at my new home on April 12, 2006. I was rather nervous about my homecoming. I was born in Virginia, brought to life by the esteemed Hitty Maker, Judy Brown. I was told I was traveling to Kentucky to be the companion of a person for whom Judy had made my older sister almost 10 years ago.
It seemed my older sister, Mehitabel, had recently began a Hitty School in my new person's house. Although still extremely beloved by her person, Mehitabel did not travel much anymore. So, my new mistress was in need of a new travel companion. She contacted Judy Brown, and I was created out of sturdy ashwood and blessed with an adventures spirit so that I was ready and willing to take on my new role in life. But despite my spirit of adventure, I was still nervous about arriving at my new home. What if my new person did not truly love me for some reason?
As it turns out, I had nothing to fear. The moment my person and I met, we had an instant bond. She loved me and I loved her dearly, and that love has grown each day we are together. On the day of my arrival, I was also warmly greeted by my older sister and new Hitty family.
At first I thought I was to live in my older sister's academy. I must admit, I was rather disappointed to find out I would not live there. Mehitabel explained that as a travel doll, I would have my own home to fill with mementos of my travels and to rest in after a long day at work with my person, hidden in her purse. She told me not to worry, I would never lack for company since we had rather a large doll companion family at our house who visit each other constantly. And in fact, my house is right next door to another house of doll companions. It is a cozy little home and I have come to truly enjoy living there in my spare time. Mehitabel was right...I am never for want of company.

In my time away from home, I usually share in my person's daily activities.

At work....

And play....

Sometimes I explore in the backyard....

At other times, we venture out far from home......

But wherever I go, I am most fortunate to meet friends of all kinds...

For making friends is in the nature of a Hitty.
And with that, I bid all my new friends farewell until next time!
Your Friend,
Hitty Rowan