Sunday, July 29, 2007

A canoeing adventure

Today my person decided to take me on a canoeing trip. I dressed in my bathing clothes and took leave of Miss Hickory early in the morning. I asked if she wanted to join me, but she said she preferred to stay on dry land.

I was placed in a plastic see-through bag and then placed inside a waterproof bag my person kept with her at all times so I would not become lost at sea or wet in the case of a canoe mishap. She left a corner of the bag unzippered so that I might peek out from my hiding place and enjoy the scenery. I will not include a picture of being stuffed in a plastic wrapping here since it is not the most dignified way to travel.

However, at least my wrapping allowed me to participate in quite an adventure. We boarded our canoe and set out to sail the wide blue yonder (or in this case the small green river).
As we began our three-hour tour, we encountered a small cave canoes were allowed to explore. It looked a bit frightening to me, but in we went, frightened or not.

The cave was rather interesting inside, but rather small and took some maneuvering to get in and out of. I will not mention the spider webs along the wall that my person, sitting in the front of the canoe, got rather too close a view of. Shrieks of fear really do echo quite loudly in a cave. As we exited...rather quickly...we met some fellow canoers.

We decided to do a mid-stream rendevous with them to exchange cameras so that each party could have a picture of their canoe trip. I was rather worried the cameras might be dropped in the exchange, but no harm was done.

As we continued our journey, there were little islands along the way. We occasionally parked the canoe and disembarked to explore...and for our crew to take a break. I was only glad I did not have to help row, since I heard my person comment that it was rather hard work.We enjoyed being on the water on this lovely, breezy day....passing the time floating down the river and enjoying the scenery.

However, after the adventure I was more than happy to return home and share my adventures with my my person took asprin and collapsed in a rather undignified heap to take a nap after the exhaustion of rowing. Being a doll truly does have its advantages :).