Saturday, March 19, 2011

Waiting for Easter

Greetings Dear Readers! Today is a lovely spring day! It put us all in mind of Easter coming soon. Eilonwy, Eira, and a new little hobbit who just joined our household...Goldberry...decided to decorate an Easter egg tree.

Eira dreamily thought of daffodils and Easter lilies and all the lovely spring flowers soon sprouting up.
Eilonwy thought of tiny Easter chicks and baby bunnies and wondered if the Easter bunny might bring her a rabbit of her very own.

Goldberry busied herself with some Easter pinwheels and thought of running through the grean grass enjoying them.

She found a new friend and decided to share her Easter wishes with him!

Lost in their thoughts of Easter and Spring and green grass with warm breezes...
The girls passed time on a lovely Spring day, hoping for many more to come.