Monday, July 12, 2010

Mirabella's Wish

Greetings Dear Readers.

Today, thanks to Mirabella, we have a new member of our household....a rather unexpected member.

It all started with Mirabella finding a quiet spot in the nursery to read a new "Labyrinth" book. After seeing a movie about the fascinating Underworld of the Labyrinth, Mirabella wanted to find out more about it. Although, Master Allanon did warn her to be careful, since that particular world and its inhabitants can be quite a bit of mischief to deal with and it is risky to delve too much into its secrets

Mirabella promised to be careful, but couldn't help but delight in reading about new adventures in this strange world. She rather envied the heroine, Sarah, and her friendship with some of the fantastic creatures from that world. Mirabella put down her book with a sigh. She sat daydreaming a moment and then, without thinking, said, "I wish I had friends of my very own from the Labyrinth."

Suddenly, there was a noise like a small "pop" and Mirabella thought she heard a tiny voice say, "As you be wishing, Missy!" Startled, Mirabella looked around to find the source of the sound. It seemed to be coming from under the bed. She was almost afraid to look, since goblins and such creatures have been known to lurk under beds. As she was trying to decide what to do, a tiny creature stepped to the edge of the bed... still just under the shadows.

Mirabella, reasoning that it was daylight and sunny and goblins are usually found under beds in the dark of the night, swallowed her fright and invited, "Come closer...I can't see you if you hide under the bed."
"As you be wishing, Missy!" the tiny voice said once more. And, out into the light came a tiny creature. It didn't look like a goblin, but it didn't look exactly human either.

Before she could think on the matter of what it was any further, the tiny creature suddenly jumped right up onto the bench beside Mirabella.

Startled, she asked, "Uhhhmmm...who...or...what...are you?"

The little creature answered, in almost an indignant manner, "Your FRIEND Missy! You wished, yes?"
"Well, I suppose so...I mean, I didn't really think..." Mirabella tried to explain.
"What is said, is wish for friends, you get friends! What more you want? What, you not like me?" The little creature replied, sounding a bit worried at the last part.
"Well...yes, I'm sure I will like you...I just...." Mirabella tried again to figure out exactly what was happening.

"Good! We be good friends. I escape...uhhmmm...I mean...take vacation...from goblin boarding be friends. You, err...not have goblin schools, here, right?" The tiny creature ventured with a rather hopeful tone.
"No...we have a school...but it is Elven, certainly not goblin. You don't look like a goblin...why were you attending a goblin school?" Mirabella asked, becoming more puzzled.
"A GOBLIN!!! Of COURSE I not be a goblin! I'm a PIXIE!" The little creature seemed aghast at the very thought of being even remotely thought of as a goblin.
"Oh...I'm sorry...I didn't think so, but why...?" with that, the little pixie jumped into Mirabella's arms.
"Later, Missy...time for more questions, more answers later. I be Poppy...I be friend you wished for, enough to know for now. Now, you have anything to eat around here?"
"Well, yes...I'm sure we can find you something in the kitchen..."
As Mirabella carried her new little friend into the kitchen, she did not hear the tiny voice calling from under the bed....
"HEY! HEY Missy! What about me???? Hey...I be friend too!!! You come back here, Missy!!!
Well, dear readers, I fear I have to go for now as there seems to be some kind of commotion going on in the household, but it seems this account will be continued later...
Hitty Rowan