Saturday, December 6, 2008

Amberle Arrives

Greetings Friends. Well, Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas preparations are underway. Three days ago we received our very first "Christmas Gift." Master Elrond received word his grandaughter, Amberle, was to arrive today. Elrond and Celebrian were beside themselves with joy. The rest of us were a mixture of excited and apprehensive. Poor Amberle's reputation proceeded her and we had heard she could be quite mischievous..."a handful"...I think were the exact terms we had heard. But, we were fully prepared to welcome her into her new home and a new start.

We anxiously waited by the dolly door for quite some time. Finally, we heard a tiny, tentative knock on the door. We opened it, to find a rather frail, lost looking girl on the other side. It was Amberle...arrived at last!
Elrond and Celebrian lost no time in greeting their long awaited grandaughter. The rest of us added our introductions and greetings to the mix. Amberle quietly, and rather shyly, returned them. Quite puzzling really...she didn't seem like a mischeivous, "hand full" at all. Quite the opposite, really. We proceeded to Elrond's study to share tea and to begin introducing Amberle to the other girls of the household. She had already been corresponding with our other Elven (well, half-elven) student...Merilwen (who is definitely a mischievous hand full, though well loved). They were quite glad to meet each other in person.

After all the introductions, Miss Merriweather took Amberle on a tour of the academy. She explained to Amberle that she was always welcome to do her homework in the classroom. Amberle shyly asked, "Won't I be taking lessons with the other girls?"

"No dear," Ms. Merriweather replied. I am afraid my knowledge doesn't quite extend to Elven magic, herbs, potions, and lore. Your grandfather's cousin, Master Allanon, will be your tutor. He is already here, but left for a short errand to the mountains for herbs and supplies. He will be back soon and you'll start your lessons. But, in the meanwhile, you are certainly welcome to come to class with the other girls."

Amberle looked rather disappointed that she wouldn't always be in the classroom with the other girls, and distinctly unhappy with the mention of Master Allanon.

"Now, now, dear...all will be well. You'll have plenty of time in the evenings to spend with the other girls and I'm sure you will like Master Allanon very much."

Amberle looked rather unconvinced. Miss Merriweather finished the tour. Celebrian then showed the tired girl to her new room.

After seeing Amberle settled in, complete with a new dog, a new doll and a box of chocolate to snack on, Celebrian left her grandaughter to rest.

All alone, Amberle suddenly looked quite downcast.

She hugged her new doll, Phoebe, close and begin speaking to her little dog. "Well, I suppose you and I need to get aquainted. I'm glad you're here....this is all so new to me. I...I miss home. Perhaps though...perhaps I'll get used to it here....maybe I'll even like living with my grandparents. I do love them dearly. But...I thought...I thought I would be with the other girls in the classroom. I like Miss Missweather very much! Merilwen wrote me all about her and I thought she would be MY governess too. I don't want a tutor....especially not that one! Oh, I do hope I don't have any magic..uhhmmmm...mishaps here. I don't know if everyone will understand. They didn't back home. Perhaps....perhaps it will be different here...or I will be different and trouble won't seem to find me as easily as it did back home. Oh, I hope so." Amberle sighed deeply, close to tears and feeling quite lost and lonely.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Amberle hesitently asked. When nobody answered, she slowly opened the door...only to find it pushed wide open and her room quickly invaded....

with new friends. The other girls all remembered being the "new girl" in a new home. It can be quite frightening. They thought Amberle might need some company. The new girl quickly begin to cheer up with all the energetic companionship.

The girls shared stories...and chocolates well into the night.
Miss Merriweather allowed the girls plenty of time to get aquainted. Finally, Amberle was so tired she began drifting off to sleep, much happier in her new home.
The other girls returned to their room, quite anxious to see more of their new friend the next day. The rest of us are anxious to see more of Amberle too....she is quite a mystery and we would rather like to see what could have caused her mischievous reputation back home (or perhaps we don't want to know after all....).

Hitty Rowan