Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another "New" Resident

We have a new resident in our home...actually, she has lived here in our person's house for quite awhile. Unfortunately, our person mistaked her for a school girl and placed her in "school" with the other youngsters at the Hitty academy. Our new resident had not yet found her voice...sometimes that takes awhile. She has been here for a few years, just quietly watching everything. To be truthful, we rather thought of her as part of the furniture she was so quiet and have really paid her no mind. But, no longer.
Today, she finally found her voice and has decided she wants to be a travel companion. She also cast off her school girl frock and declared she is not a child but a Princess from a foreign court who would like to travel in the style to which she is accustomed. We are not sure of her name as of yet, or where she is from. She is demanding proper clothes befitting her station in life before she tells us. As busy as our mistress is lately, it may be awhile before we know her name. She might get quite cold before then too.
Hitty Rowan