Monday, January 21, 2008

Mischievous Merilwen

Well, the excitement continues around here. What a week it has been! This week's excitement, however, has nothing to do with our person's pending wedding.

Instead, it has to do with one of Miss Merriweather's, Merilwen. Merilwen is a half-elven doll companion. A little girl with a quick smile, a friendly demeanor, a cheerful outlook...and a turn toward mischief. Don't get me wrong, Merilwen is a good child, it just seems that trouble tends to find her (or she finds it) on quite a regular basis.

The trouble began with a predicted first snow fall. We were all so hoping to see snow at last! The girls at Miss Merriweather's academy were fairly bursting with excitement. They gazed longingly out the window to catch sight of the year's first snow.
However, no snow appeared. In fact, it was rather sunny. Merilwen was all in favor of going on a hunt for the snow, thinking it must be hiding somewhere. But it was a bit too cold and too close to evening for little companions to be out and about. The other students reluctantly settled down to homework and other evening activities....but not Merilwen.

She got it in her head that it was not too late or too cold for a quick adventure. She tried to convince Nissa and Nim, the pixie and fairy students, to join her in a brief excursion outdoors. Nissa and Nim refused and tried to talk some sense into Merilwen. They didn't succeed.

Defeated, Merilwen wandered off to try to convince Sarah and Betsy to join her. She didn't meet with any success there either. She sadly drifted about the academy...or so the other girls thought. As soon as Merilwen was out of sight of the other girls (and Ms. Merriweather), she slipped on her coat and muff and then slipped right out of the mail slot (the dolly door as we like to call it). Once outside, Merilwen delighted in the brisk air and freedom. At first, she searched for snow near the house. But then she saw a lovely red cardinal and chased after it for a bit. One thing led to another, and soon Merilwen was quite lost. The poor dear tried to find her way back, but night had fallen and she realized she was a very small doll lost in a very big, dark, cold world. She continued trying to find her way back, only to slip and tumble down a large hill. Bumped and bruised, the poor darling simply sat and wept in despair.

Fortunately for Merilwen, it didn't take long for Miss Merriweather to find out she was missing. Miss Merriweather had called the girls together to check on their homework progress and to settle them in for the night. She called several times for Merilwen, with no luck. After searching the house, she noticed some rather worried looks from the other girls.

Miss Merriweather had the sinking feeling Merilwen had went out to find snow. The other girls didn't like the idea of snitching on their friend, for Merilwen...despite her mischief....was indeed a good friend. Miss Merriweather quickly explained to the girls the dangers of a little doll being lost in the cold darkness and it didn't take long for them to tell what they knew.
Miss Merriweather and Master Elrond went out in search of Merilwen. It didn't take long to find her. She hadn't made it out of our own yard yet, but in the cold and dark, and being very frightened after her tumble, Merilwen didn't even realize she was not far from home.

Master Elrond and Miss Merriweather made short work of bringing Merilwen back home. Miss Merriweather helped the sobbing girl take off her coat and muff.

She went to fix Merilwen some nice hot tea while our resident healer, Master Elrond, made sure there was no lasting damage. Aside from some minor bumps and bruises, our mischievous little half-elf was fine; however, she would not stop crying. Master Elrond was rather puzzled, since Merilwen was safe and warm now.
In the meanwhile, Miss Merriweather reassured the other girls that their friend would be fine,

before bringing Merilwen a cup of hot tea.

Merilwen continued to sob. Ms. Merriweather gently asked her what was wrong? Was she still afraid? Hestitantly, Merilwen confided that she had lost her little yarn doll out in the dark and was terribly worried about her. She was afraid Ms. Merriweather might leave the doll outdoors since such a naughty little girl might not deserve to have a doll anymore. Ms. Merriweather hugged Merilwen tight and assured her that she would most definitely not be without her yarn doll. Our English governess was ready to march right out into the cold again after the doll, but Master Elrond intervened.

Finally, reunited with her doll, warmed, and surrounded by love, Merilwen was ready to give into exhaustion.
Miss Merriweather tucked her into bed, confident Merilwen wouldn't be wandering about anymore this particular night.

The next morning, Merilwen was fit as a fiddle as we used to say in my day. And....Master Elrond and Miss Merriweather kept her quite busy the rest of the week...leaving little time for further least for now.

If you are interested in more of Merilwen's past escapades, you are welcome to read her very own journal: