Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gathering Pokeberries

Greetings Dear Friends!

Well, this week has been rather eventful. On Friday, Miss Hickory and I and a few other doll friends accompanied our person to "Pioneer Day" at a local school. We modeled handspun shawls and such for the children while our person showed them how yarn is made on a spinning wheel.

It was a rather hot day, especially for our person. Although it is October, the heat index was over 90 degrees. The pioneer events are all outdoors. For once, our person dressed rather like us in a nice, proper, old-fashioned dress. After wearing her nice dress outside in the heat for five hours, however, I think our person decided that although the "olden days" have nostalgic appeal, there is something to be said for modern conveniences such as air conditioning.

A rather fortunate outcome of the exhibit is our person's renewed interest in spinning. There happens to be a rather large pokeberry bush growing in the back yard. Miss Hickory and I managed to climb it and salvage a few pokeberries the birds did not already pick. Pokeberries make a wonderful yarn dye. Miss Hickory and I were rather fancying nice, new purple shawls for winter.

Our next step is to convince our person to spin just a bit of yarn for us. Being small, it will only take a bit. We decided to help our person keep us in mind by spending some time "hanging around" her spinning wheel and waving hello at her each time she passes by. Surely she will remember to sit and spin a spell for her doll friends.

We will update you on the success of our strategy soon!

Until next time,

Hitty Rowan and Miss Hickory